St. Patrick's Day Apparel Benefitting The Lewisville Fire Fighters Foundation

The Lewisville Fire Fighters Foundation is selling St. Patrick's Day Apparel to support our community and member support fund. Our community is our top priority both on and off duty. When our community needs us, we answer the call. The same goes for our members and their families. We are here to support them through the hard times. We never know when hard times may come, but we will always have our members and our community's backs.

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The Lewisville Fire Fighters Foundation is committed to serving the fire service, their families, and the Lewisville community we serve.

  • Every fire fighter puts it all on the line each and every day to serve their community without any hesitation. The fire service, as a whole, is one large family. Our purpose is to serve the selfless members of the fire service when they are in need.
  • Families of fire fighters are a vital part of the fire service. They selflessly support their fire fighters and are proud of their dedication to service. We have their families' backs at home and support their needs during those difficult times.
  • The Lewisville community consistently supports their fire fighters, so we want to give back. We shall support our community through charitable contributions, scholarships, benevolence, and much more.