Lewisville Rescue 7 Proves Invaluable in the First Week

On January 3rd, 2021, Lewisville Fire Department placed Rescue 7 in service with one idea in mind; to protect the citizens of Lewisville. Rescue 7 is a “Special Services” unit, meaning it is to respond to all major incidents in the city.

Rescue 7 has been strategically placed in the center of the city. They are located at Firehouse 7 on Texas St., along with Truck 7 and Battalion 160. By stationing them at Firehouse 7, they can quickly get to anywhere in the city, due to their quick access to I35 and Business 121.

Rescue 7 is staffed by two of your senior Lewisville Fire Fighters, with years of experience to handle the toughest of situations. These fire fighters are not only highly trained in fire fighting, but vehicle rescue, rope rescue, collapse rescue, and swift water rescue; to name a few.

On January 9th, the members of Rescue 7 put their fire fighting capabilities on display and proved their invaluable worth on a 2 Alarm Fire. A structure fire was dispatched at an apartment complex on Uecker Dr. Due to several units participating in training and other units answering emergency calls, Battalion 160 and Rescue 7 were first on the scene. They had smoke in apartments on all three floors of the building, with fire in the first floor walls behind the electrical meters. Recognizing the situation quickly, Rescue 7 sprung into action. While one fire fighter singlehandedly pulled 24 meters on the exterior, the other forced entry into multiple apartments to make sure all occupants were evacuated. This was done all with the assistance of Battalion 160 who coordinated incoming fire fighting units so that as your other Lewisville Fire Fighters arrived, they quickly went to work to stabilize this incident and keep our Lewisville citizens safe.

Rescue 7’s aggressive response to this fire set the tone of this structure fire incident. Their impact proved to be invaluable and keeps with the highest traditions of Lewisville Local 3606 and the Lewisville Fire Department. Placing Rescue 7 in service continues to show the forward-thinking of your fire department and your Lewisville Fire Fighters.

When you call, your Lewisville Fire Fighters are coming. We are proud to wear the name Lewisville Fire Fighter on our uniforms and we will always serve our citizens with pride and honor.