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Texas State Legislature Honors Fallen Fire Fighter Landun Charles
On Monday, April 24, Joaquin Criner, president of the Lewisville Fire Fighters Association, and Mark McNeal, fire chief of the Lewisville Fire Department, joined Lauren and Luke Charles, as well as other members of the Lewisville fire family, at the state capitol in Austin to pay tribute to fallen Fire Fighter Landun Charles. Landun tragically passed away at home on Dec. 31, 2021. Landun had recently completed a shift as an emergency flight paramedic and was preparing for his shift at the fir...

National Public Safety Telecommunications Week
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HB 2468 Unanimously Voted Out Of Committee
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St. Patrick's Day Apparel Benefitting The Lewisville Fire Fighters Foundation
The Lewisville Fire Fighters Foundation is selling St. Patrick's Day Apparel to support our community and member support fund. Our community is our top priority both on and off duty. When our community needs us, we answer the call. The same goes for our members and their families. We are here to support them through the hard times. We never know when hard times may come, but we will always have our members and our community's backs. St. Patricks T-Shirt Direct Link | St. Patri...

Voices from the Frontline: The Struggle of Injured Fire Fighters and Their Families in the Workers' Compensation System
Fire fighters are among the bravest and most selfless individuals in our society. They put their lives on the line every day to protect our communities from fires, accidents, and natural disasters. When a fire fighter is injured on the job, they expect to receive the support and care they need to recover and get back to their duties. But unfortunately, sometimes they can’t. Either way, the workers' compensation system can be complex, confusing, and even hostile, making it ...

January Dedicated as Fire Fighter Cancer Awareness Month
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The Lewisville Fire Fighters Foundation is on Amazon Smile
Your Lewisville Fire Fighters serve our Lewisville community both on and off duty. While on duty, your fire fighters are committed to keeping Lewisville safe by having well-trained and dedicated emergency responders. Off-duty, your fire fighters are committed to giving back through our charitable foundation.The Lewisville Fire Fighters Foundation was created with the same driving purpose that led us to become fire fighters; serving others above ourselves. our community support fund is dedicated...