Lewisville Fire Fighters Offer Water Safety Tips

Lewisville, TX– With the recent uptick in water-related incidents on Lake Lewisville, Lewisville Fire Fighters advise that accidental drowning can be prevented by taking proper precautions.

“Our citizens' safety is our top priority,” said Joaquin Criner, president of Lewisville Local 3606, “We want to offer these important water safety tips so everyone can enjoy their day on the lake safely.”

Important safety tips include:

  • Wearing a life jacket is always the safest way to swim in the lake.

  • Do not dive into the water. Jumping from cliffs or bridges is dangerous due to shallow water, submerged rocks, trees, or other hazards.

  • Choose swimming areas carefully and swim only during low water conditions.

  • Always swim with a buddy and in supervised areas.

  • Always supervise children closely. Do not read, play cards, talk on the phone, or engage in other distracting activities while watching children in or around water.

  • Avoid drinking alcohol before or during swimming or boating. Avoid drinking alcohol while supervising children around water.

  • Learn CPR. Because of the time, it might take for emergency services to arrive, your CPR skills can make a difference in saving someone's life.

  • Use life jackets that meet U.S. Coast Guard requirements when boating, regardless of the distance to be traveled, size of the boat, or swimming ability of boaters.

  • Know the local weather conditions and forecast before swimming or boating. Strong winds and thunderstorms with lightning strikes are dangerous to swimmers and boaters.

For potentially life-threatening situations, call 9-1-1 so fire fighters and paramedics can respond quickly when lives are in danger.


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