Firehouse Movers Supports your Lewisville Fire Fighters

On Friday, November 13th, 2020, Brian and Nikki Purcell, the owners of Firehouse Movers, invited Lewisville Fire Fighters President Joaquin “Jack” Criner to their Lewisville headquarters for a special presentation. Brian and Nikki generously donated $500 on behalf of their entire team at Firehouse Movers, to the Lewisville Fire Fighters Association, Local 3606.

Brian, a retired Lewisville Fire Fighter, continues to serve his Lewisville community in other ways. From being a philanthropic community leader to supporting your Lewisville Fire Fighters, Brian continues to have a service before self approach.

President Criner graciously excepted the donation on behalf of the 127 members in Lewisville Local 3606. This money will be used to support the welfare of our members, and their families, in the event of their own personal emergency. By being able to provide support to our members and their families in their time of need, gives them much needed peace of mind and allows them to continue to provide our Lewisville community exceptional service.

Thank you to Brian and Nikki for their continued support of your Lewisville Fire Fighters and the entire Lewisville community.

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